Who Said What?

Posted: January 25, 2011 in The Teacher

After some re-energizing time (Christmas holidays) we are back at work again and have been looking through the responses to the question “What do you look for in a teacher”.

We asked groups of students, parents, teachers and administrators to leave their thoughts on this question and there was a huge range of responses.

A Wordle of the main ideas from each set of comments has been placed below.

Which group of people (students, parents, teachers or administrators) said what?

Place your votes by clicking on “Vote Here

Wordle 1

Wordle 2

Wordle 3

Wordle 4

  1. J says:

    Assume that your question had been instead, “What makes an ideal restaurant chef?”. How many people would really prefer to go to a restaurant where the chef was chosen primarily because s/he is “humorous, passionate, collaborative, fun, positive,” etc?

    I think it is clear that the most successful restaurants would be where the chefs were chosen for the ability to produce consistently good tasting food. Ideally s/he could do it regardless of which set of starting ingredients were given. And in particular, if there were two chefs and one of them consistently produced great tasting food and one consistently produced bad tasting food – it would take me as a consumer on average only 2 visits to decide not to eat there.

    Looking at the comments to your “ideal teacher” post, I’m surprised that I am the only one who answered the question in terms of results produced.

    Please ask yourself what decision criteria you really want to form the basis of “what makes an ideal teacher?”. In my case, I can only say, “I won’t know what those criteria are, until I look at a group of them who produces consistently good results.” Even then you have to be careful – maybe you observe most of the good ones have brown hair. Then you might decide, “from now on, I only want brown-haired teachers”.

    • :D says:

      Sorry, but I don’t think so. Many other people have written qualities that a teacher should have and I think that this question can’t have right answers or wrong answers. It can just have answers. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. It is just an answer.

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