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Posted: November 9, 2010 in The Teacher
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Dear Students,

It is coming up to the time of the year when schools begin to think about hiring teachers for the next school year.

We are really interested to hear what you would look for in a teacher.

  • What are the ingredients which make the ideal teacher?

Think beyond the simple and describe a teacher who would inspire you! (no names please)


  1. Am says:

    To me the ideal teacher is someone who would be kind but not kind all the time-I want a teacher who is reasonable and punishes kids for a reason and not just be kind. Also I want a teacher who thinks deeply and who wants their students to know every possible thing and make each task very important to his/her students’ life. The teacher should also have had experienced being a teacher because say if we hire a brand new non-experienced teacher she/he would might be very messed up and all. I’m not saying someone who has never ever been and official teacher before but someone who has got the experience of teaching and is fluent and happy with it. And what I really want a teacher who appreciates me not just a teacher who appreciates people who are popular and all. I want a teacher who cares and thinks about how she really wants to be treated as a kid, not as an adult because adults have different emotions. I wnat a teacher who would care that cares from the heart and not just care about her job and how smart her students are going to be but a teacher who cares in every point and who not onyl teaches kids as an acedemic way but also in any way that would help his/her students succeed more in life. For eaxample a teacher in Year 1 should teach a kid to wash their hands and all that stuff and not just teach ABC’s and all that. A teacher should care about every little deatail. All I have said would inspire me because when I get older I want to be nice to everyone like this ideal teacher and be an ideal person.

  2. Julien says:

    I like how you said that u want a nice teacher but not all the time so then u still get in trouble for mistakes hoping that u will learn from them. :p

    • Am says:

      Yeah you have a good point but the kids should know that a teacher which is kind may get very angry and fired up if the kid acts superbly bad. A teacher who’s kind would mostly be a teacher who cares I think because if the teacher didnt care, she/he would just tell everyone off but a kind teacher respects and treats her students the way she likes to be respected and treated. Well I mean when the teacher gets super mad when a kid is bbad its like the teacher is always so kind and the kid doesnt respect it so the teacher gets really upset and feels like she/he was rubbish and it didn’t help increase her/his students behaviour and the students respect.

  3. Julien says:

    I think that we should have a teacher (like Am said) that is nice most of the time and who makes jokes at the right moment. Also that he can teach with fun activities and games. But also do the usual stuff like math sheets or stuff like that. He should also be able to appreciate and respect the ability of people. Well our teacher should be able to respect his student’s abilities and weaknesses. But also like Am said that has some experience in teaching children or kids. πŸ™‚

    • Pimboon says:

      Well, I like a teacher who has jokes and is funny, but not being silly all the time. I dont want a teacher who cranks up easily or blames everyone for something one person did and not thinking “the big picture.” The teacher should be an experienced teacher, so then she/he was a teacher before. The teacher should be a kind and fun teacher and talk causually to people who gets in trouble and try to reason with them, then be serious at times and gentle at times. The teacher should give a fair amount of homework and sheets, etc.

    • Am says:

      I agree with you, Julien and Pimboon. I don’t want a teacher who cranks up easily . However I think that you have a great point of not blaming everyone but its also good to blame everyone because the people who did wrong, would think and reflect back more and asking themselves if they care for people who weren’t bad. and hopefully we wont all get in trouble later because the people who did wrong wouldn’t want to make pther people upset.

  4. sebastian says:

    To me an ideal teacher would be someone who like’s this job, someone who knows the limit’s for kid’s, someone who’s strict but no that strict, someone who is organize , someone who is reasonable, someone who punishes kid’s for a stupid mistake’s, someone who can take care of them self and a class. I want a teacher who is fair and very know knowledgeable and someone who give’s as faith in the kid’s to do thing’s they have never done before. The teacher should have lot’s of experience and should have a master degree or PHD.

  5. Johan says:

    To me I think a good teacher would be someone who is quiet nice but also strict when someone is doing something wrong. I also think that a teacher should have a bit of humor so that like ones in a while the whole class could have a laugh. Like Am said I think that the teacher should have had a long experience being a teacher so that she or he knows a lot of subjects and if the class is noise the teacher can calm the class down in a sensible way not like yell at the students.

    I know nearly all the teachers at NIST are good so I bet the new teachers will be good too. πŸ™‚

  6. michaelt says:

    To me a ideal teacher will be a teacher that is not to strict but also not to nice because if you are to nice then the students wont learn that much. I think the teacher should make some jokes or say funny things when they learn so the students will look forward to coming to school. I think the teacher should have taught before so they have some experience.

  7. 18aayushk says:

    I agree with Michael, Johan, Sebi because a teacher should have balance between being to strict and being too kind. I think teachers should treat every kid with the same amount of respect. I also think teachers should have a good sence of humour so childern start liking the home room class. I also think teachers should know how to teach things in fun, creative ways.

  8. Sam says:

    I think we should have a teacher who:
    – Makes jokes and is funny (but is mostly serious and can be strivt), so they don’t bore their students
    – Has at least a few years of experience, so they know how kids our age act and how to take care of us properly
    – Knows how to explain things in different and fun ways
    – Isn’t bored of their job
    – Cares about other peoples perspectives
    – Has done lots of interesting things that they could tell to their students

    I think a teacher who is all of the above would be a perfect teacher. It is important to have a good teacher so the children will actually learn something.


  9. jonjon says:

    I think the ideal reacher wood by some one that is kind has a goooood sens of humour not strict but can be serious in a good way ,not like every one be quiet and work now !!!!!! some thing like every one this is important try to work hard.

  10. Paula says:

    In a good teacher I would look for humor and someone who can be serious which means to me that they make the right jokes at the right times but they can also be serious.
    One thing which is the most important to me is their understanding of kids: they understand our feelings, they understand our interests they know how our minds work after they have gotten to know us. Which means they will know why we made the choices we made and also things like if we make a bad choice they understand why we did what we did or what might have triggered it.
    A good teacher to me would also be someone to whom I can start feeling close a little bit throughout the school year, so I would feel more comfortable talking to them about some things.
    I would like a teacher to be able to him/herself into my shoes so that they know our feelings and emotions.
    I would like a teacher who has a special way of doing things and who can take their time for every single student and respect their strengths and weaknesses.
    I need teachers to be strict when not so good choices are made which will enable us to not make the same mistake again.
    I really appreciate teachers who really take their time to get improvement in my weaknesses.
    I like days where you could have a special order so you know a little bit about what might happen every day and what to be prepared for.
    I aslo really like teachers who can be strict about little things like remembering to do small things or to taking part in little things which help keep the classroom organized.
    I love teachers who are able to encourage and motivate me this really makes anything really fun to learn about.
    I need teachers who are good at explaining anything because one good explanation could have a big impact on lot”s of work.
    A teacher who will care about people”s perspectives and then say something new after listening carefully to everything someone has said.
    I like a teacher who has special tools which will help keep the classroom organized.
    I also like responsible but can also take risks which might turn out to be good or bad learning strategy’s.
    A good teacher to me will also be some one who tries hard for every student in the room to have a good time during learning. He or she will be aware of and watch out for students who behave badly towards other children let other students down.

  11. 18manisha says:

    An ideal teacher would be someone who teaches well and understands other’s ideas.

  12. 18manisha says:

    An ideal teacher would be someone who is aware of their students and how they behave and also who is funny and makes their students laugh at appropriate time.

  13. Jin says:


    I would like a teacher that is not too kind on us or not too strict on us and only strict on us when we do sth wrong. We would like good teachers because if we have strict and bad teachers, the students will complain to their parents and parents will complain to the principal or whatsoever. So I think that we would like a suitable teacher.

    I also have some thoughts about how the teacher is not too serious with us but to have a sense of humour because then we would laugh and we will like it. But I don’t want the teacher to be funny all the time in a serious subject

  14. gabi says:

    the kind of idel teacher i want is someone creative and cool, making funny rules like talking bands would be a kind of cool person.

    If i had a teacher who was always shouting and ignoring you would be a teacher I hate. A teacher should treat you basically like a friend
    Gabi πŸ™‚

  15. Pin says:

    To me my ideal teacher would be a kind teacher that is not too strict. If the teacher is too kind then all the students will think that it is ok to act silly, but sometimes students can want a kind teacher and be nice like May said to me (example) When a teacher is kind and the teacher talks nicely then the students will want to listen to the kind teacher more. If the teacher is too strict then when the teacher uses a strict voice then the student will be bored and don’t want to do as the teacher says. I think that my ideal teacher should make students inspired by the things that he/she does. He/she should be a good example for the students so that the student can be a good person when he/she grows up.

  16. shikhar says:

    To me an ideal teacher is someone who gives a fair chance to everyone to talk and makes us write about fun things listens to what I say and is very friendly. I would like him or her to like the same things as me. I would like the teacher to be creative and a bit funny.

  17. Paul says:

    I want a teacher who is very fair and listens to what I say and is very nice but strict at appropriate times. I want my teacher to be very creative and to be open to all different ideas students say. I want this person to have a variety of interests and subjects to teach her class.
    I like a teacher who really changes us.

  18. May says:

    To me my ideal teacher should be kind but not too kind sometimes teacher is and not too strict. I think that if the teacher is kind the student will want to listen to the teacher but if they are really strict we would think that it’s a bit annoying.

  19. Jin says:

    I want a funny teacher πŸ™‚

  20. Jin says:

    But sometimes teachers are too strict 😦

  21. 18saeyeono says:

    to me my ideal teacher will be smart and deatailed ( Anirudh copied mi idea today) or an intereasting person. I want a teacher who is funny and when it is time for studying it is time for searious time like Mr.Sam and nice. I also want a teacher who gives somebody a chance to say or leting someone think like that.

  22. wkirkwood says:

    From NIST Economics Class

    What Makes an Ideal Teacher?
    Interesting teaching
    Has to be balanced
    IB Learner Profile
    Passionate about teaching
    Entertaining Classes
    Not bias
    Grants student’s a fair amount of freedom
    Different tyes of teaching, listens to student input
    Interactive (not too much), does not stand and lecture all day
    Relaxed but strict enough to maintain a working atmosphere
    Follows the syllabus but is willing to go off topic if interesting or necessary
    Wants best grades for students, teaches exactly what is needed to know to get a good grade
    Well organized
    Provides an ideal learning environment
    must be really funny, like sped jokes. make good puns.
    Must be interested in the subject he’s teaching

  23. Lily says:

    a teacher how meets the school standards and who does everything they can do for kids
    eg listens to our problems and trys to solve them

  24. Neil says:

    I would want a kind teacher because if you make a mistake they won’t shout at you.

  25. Nalinee says:

    I like teachers who are kind,helpgul,entertaining,funny,active and well organised.

  26. Harleen says:

    I would want a teacher to be like Ms.Denise when she’s angry she doesn’t shout but just talk it out in a more peaceful manner. I like that way. I like lady teachers but not a male teacher and I would also like a teacher to be nice.

  27. Ranvir says:

    A great teacher should be

    1. Funny

    2. Serious during work

    3. Allow free time using traffic light system

    4. Have fun while studying instead of lectures and all that sort of boring stuff

    5. Courage and a controlled attitude to handle student behaviour.

  28. Prae says:

    I think a ideal teacher should have:
    1. Kindness for students to enjoy
    2. Some strictness for work
    3. Care for each students
    3. Organisational skills

  29. Isabella says:

    The ingredients for me to make a good teacher would be one that is kind, and can see things from a different perspective. One that doesn’t get too angry and that fusses over everything. I think it would be appropriate to have a fairly strict teacher, that can lay down the rules, but can be funny at times. A teacher that could be a connector to life outside school, and inside. Teachers that will listen to everything a kid has to say. I know teachers can be all this, if they set their mind to it.

  30. Wit says:

    Personally I think that the ideal teacher would be someone who is kind, strict and doesn’t give you much free time. I also think that He/She should be kind of random. Well, random doesn’t really cut it. I would like crazy, good sense of humor or something of the sort. My main ingredients for an ideal teacher would be:
    Good sense of humor
    The amount of homework is set at a moderate amount
    Not too much free time – maybe half a period every 3 cycles
    A creative idea for class work
    Something like those above.

    I know someone, but I don’t think we’re allowed to use names though…

  31. Chloe says:

    I think an ideal teacher shouldn’t always be nice, I mean think about it, if a teacher was always nice, then no one would get anything done. I think and ideal teacher should be:

    Kind But Strict

    Kind when work is done and there is peace, but when students are acting up or not getting work done, they must be strict.


    Even if a students idea is strange of weird, a teacher should accept it. For example a student thinks that rice should be square sized and wants to inquire into why rice is oval shaped, the teacher should support them, not push them down.


    An ideal teacher should be funny. They shouldn’t be out of control funny, but be funny enough to make learning fun. Lot’s of students complain about how hard and boring school is, this is the ideal solution.

    Caring and Helpful

    If a student is having trouble at school with a certain subject, an ideal teacher would help them blossum and grow. Go out of their way to help a child like that, and to teach a child how to do what they want to know how to do.

    Fun To Be With

    You’re going to spend almost a whole year with this person, they should not be a burden to you, just a enjoyment. Students should enjoy school because of this teacher.


    This teacher should inspire you to do new things. They should be interesting, and give you new ideas.


    An ideal teacher should be fairly organised, although for example if you were doing How We Organise Ourselves, that teacher could learn along with you.

    These are the things I think an ideal teacher would be. Doesn’t mean I don’t have more, it just means I have so many this comment would the the size of a truck.
    Peace Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Chloe πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ;D

  32. Earth Pichamol says:

    I think an Ideal teacher should be someone who believe in their students, always giving them a chance and support them. Be realistic but not too mean. Strict and harsh but caring. Teaching are like building a tall tower. You need a strong based, which is the knowledge from school the rest is how the student behave and live their life.
    Teachers should really remind you some part of the ‘because you loved me’-celine dion
    If a student have turned out to be a good person and respects their teachers. Their teachers have done their job πŸ™‚

  33. Mr. Erik says:

    Does a good teacher also need to have the confidence to let the students make mistakes? I mean do students mind if something does not go exactly like planned because of the freedom a teacher gives to the students? Please let me know kids.

  34. Noe says:

    I think and ideal teacher is a teacher who is not to strict and not to nice. An interesting teacher would be someone who likes different things and has different interests, a teacher who doesn’t follow the IB programme is not an ideal teacher to me. If teachers are not passionate about teaching they should not be a teacher.

    Well I really want a teacher who is nice enough and doesn’t give us homework on Fridays and let’s up play at one certain time.

    My question is does a teacher have to have a teacher degree.

  35. IsTh :D says:

    I think that a great teacher should be nice and be strict sometimes only. They should know the subject they are teaching very nicely and should always teach the right thing. Also, they should not get mad at us if we a re 1 or 2 minutes late. They should be fair in marking and not give favourites better grades. It doesn’t matter if they have favourites. It matters if they give favourites better grades.

    I think that their way of teaching should be nice and easy and they should have a lot of fun activities for us. The time they give us for assignments should be according to how hard it is and how much it is. They should not be very strict with grades and they should help us whenever we have problems. They should not stop answering a question even if they have already very tired of it because some childeren take a while to get something into their brain.

    Hope this helps.


  36. Chandler says:

    An ideal teacher would be someone who would stay with you and point out what you did wrong and correct. For me to be more open with my teacher I would need to have that teacher be open to me. So a friendly teacher someone who as a student can connect with the elder and retrieve information related to subject matter.

    An ideal teacher needs to have a good sense of humor, a sense of the modern age, a book of quotes, kindness and intelligence because you won’t get nowhere if ya ain’t got no brains.

    Also the student has to be willing to learn from this teacher. In which case it’s vice versa…. maybe…

  37. Taku says:

    I think a great teacher is

    1. a teacher who is nice
    2. serious wen we are working
    3.γ€€funny as well

  38. Shiloh says:

    I think they should be organised, helpful, kind and FUNNY!!! plus i dont think they should be to strict. and they should listen to the students problems. πŸ™‚

  39. Mad dog says:

    what makes A good teacher…. thier funny, got a good sense of humor, makes learning fun and easy to understand, will help when ur stuck with somthin and willing to give ya advice to remember the problem and how to fix it easy. cool, not naggy, relax most of the time and keeps people on the task they were givin. tells people off when they are really misbahavin and makes a joke now and then. a teacher that every one like wouold properly b a teacher that is willing to listen to the students and make things fun.

  40. Hailey says:

    I think they should make school fun and make you want to go to school. They should be nice and not be strict. They should help students and explain things in a simple way.

  41. IV says:

    good teachers are understanding, no Naggers, fun to talk to, must know that some children are insane, random outbursts are always fun and only strict when we’re working!


  42. Kento says:

    There are several points to make the best teacher for ME
    -Gives us no homework, because it gives us more time to exercise
    -Lets us talk in class, because we need some time to discuss to our friends
    -Barely shouts, because it gives us stress
    -Lets us choose our seats, because it doesn’t make us sit with people who are mean
    -doesn’t make us do hard projects, it makes our parents worried and makes us work harder and we get not enough sleep

  43. Jake says:

    For me a good teacher needs
    -Never gives us home work, because we have tons of home work form different subjects
    -Don’t shout, because next time she can’t talk
    -Lets us choose our seat, we can have good times with friends
    -Tells good jokes, releases stress

  44. Miso says:

    1. Love your job and love your students.
    2. Patience, especially to students who don’t understand whats going on
    3. More like a friend than a teacher. Students should be comfortable to talking to you about anything and they should look forward to seeing you every class
    4. Know what motivates them

  45. shraddha says:

    I think that a good teacher is a someone who:

    a) makes learning fun
    b) is passionate about their subject
    c) is fair
    d) motivates and guides students towards achieving the best grade they can
    e) a sense of humour would also be appreciated πŸ™‚

  46. bridgett ledak says:

    I think that the ideal teacher is someone who can listen to the students and really adapt to how they learn best. However, ideal teachers also demand the respect they deserve. It is characteristics like empathy and a positive attitude that really make teachers great.

  47. Spoon says:

    I believe that the ideal teacher understands the purpose of education. I find that many teachers are too concerned with touching on every topic that they neglect to see if the students actually understand the material. In addition, if a student is not doing well, the teacher should work with them individually. Otherwise, students continue to perform poorly and are not prepared for the future.

  48. 18sanpitis says:

    I think a ideal teacher would have feeling when a student caused trouble in class and cares for student homework
    The teacher should not have something to do badly to kids but some are cruel like in the movie Tthe last day of summer the teacher was trying ban all student

  49. Chris says:

    I’ve just been reading a book about how to be a good teacher – it’s called ‘Becoming and Emotionally Intelligent Teacher’. it’s interesting that the book mentions many of the ideas that you students have raised. Interestingly a good sense of humour and the ability to make learning fun was highlighted in my book. It seems like lots of the kids who have commented had this pretty high up on their list for the attributes of a good teacher.

  50. Jasmine says:

    I think that a good teacher supports learning in everyone, has a sense of humour, enjoys working with kids and likes everything they teach. If someone needed help they were there to help them.

  51. Jasmine says:

    The ideal teacher is someone who is kind, fair, nice, respectfu,l treats everyone the same, plays games, someone who wants to have fun, someone who is a teacher and lets you control your own learning

  52. Lele says:

    I think a good teacher is a teacher that is fair to everyone and doesn’t favour people, a person that is well balanced and knows when we have worked too hard or not hard enough, someone that can learn as well as teach and some one that can see other people’s perspectives. There are many more like responsibility knowledge etc… I think these are the most important things a teacher should carry.

  53. Amy says:

    I think a teacher needs to be:
    . Passionate about what she/he wants to teach you

  54. Gabe says:

    i agree with am because we need a succsesful teacher and a teacher who id good with children and helpful to others.

  55. Alice Sikora and 5S says:

    Our class thinks that the ideal teacher is knowledgeable, good at explanining things and helpful. He or she is also communicative and is a good listener. Good teachers also teach in a fun way! The ideal teacher is caring and also has diverse interests that he/she can share with the students. He/she also has to be patient, calm and principled. A sense of humour also goes a long way! Ideal teachers also maintain a good balance between learning and fun activities.
    From Grade 5S ZIS

    • wkirkwood says:

      Hi Alice and 5S at ZIS. Thanks for discussing this issue and sharing your thoughts. We are always happy to hear what students from around the world think.


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